Florida Specific-Special Education Consultant 

What is a Florida Specific Special Education Consultant?

A Florida specific Special Education Consultant is a formally educated professional with experience in the field of Special Education who focuses on providing Special Education based consultative services to individuals who reside in the state of Florida. Dr. Delgado, EdD has worked in various schools located throughout South Florida, has been educated and trained in South Florida, and has resided in Florida for over 20 years. Therefore, she is extremely knowledgable about the Special Education system, laws, programs, organizations, and processes specific to serving families of individuals with special needs who reside in Florida. As a Special Education Consultant, Dr. Delgado, EdD has vast knowledge on how to navigate the complex world of Special Education. Dr. Delgado, EdD has made it her life's missions to help guide and educate parents so that individuals with special needs can reach as much success as possible. As a special education consultant, Dr. Delgado, EdD offers parents of special needs individuals with an array of consultative services, including:

  • Emotional support for parents

  • Guidance through all arenas of Special Education  

  • Educates parents on how to navigate the complex world of SpEd

  • Educates parents on how to navigate their child's specific limitations and challenge

  • Recommends tools/ strategies/ activities that can be implemented at home to improve students behavior, accountability, independence, responsibility, and academic standing

  • Guidance in transition planning

  • Guidance in transition  

  • Guidance in steps needed to formally evaluate a child

  • Guidance in academic placement of a child

  • Educating parents of additional services and resources meant to assist each child's specific needs

  • Behavioral support

  • Academic support

  • Assistive technology support

  • Guidance and recommendations of accommodation and modifications

  • Education and guidance of federal SpEd related laws and legal rights

  • Parent advocacy of a child

  • Students self advocacy

  • Suggestions for parent-driven at home education

  • Increasing youths' self-esteem 

  • Raise awareness on Special Education, learning disabilities, and specifically Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Parental education on various federal, non-profit, government, and private organizations that provide aid to children and families through scholarships, grants, therapies, and other additional services and resources

  • IEP support

  • BIP support

  • FBA support

  • Gifted EP support

  • Section 504 Plan support

  • RTI (Response to Intervention) support

  • Assistant to analyze your child's psycoeducational report

  • Consultations about early intervention 

  • Consultations on various types of interventions: push-in model, pull-out model, RTI

  • A listening ear

Introductory Phone Call with Special Education Consultant:

         Contact me to discuss your child's experiences, your concerns, and what challenges your child is facing. The goal of this introductory phone call is to better understand your current concerns and to provide parents with the option of moving forward. 

          I have vast experience and knowledge when it comes to the realm of Special Education, and I truly love helping students and families navigate the complex world of Special Education. I am passionate about parents become informed advocates for their children. Under federal law, students with special needs are entitled to an array of resources, tools, services, accommodations, modifications, etc, which often times are not provided unless mandated by parents. I am a firm believer that students who receive Special Education deserve to be treated with respect that is equal to any other student by all adults, educators, and youth no matter if they are at home, in the classroom, or out in society. Whether you are in need of a introductory phone call, a one time consultation, or in need of ongoing special education consultant services, I am flexible and here to help parents any way that I can.


            As a student who grew up solely enrolled in Special Education classes who then became a Special Education teacher as an adult, I know through first hand experience that no educator will advocate for your child's rights and continuously follow through with what is truly best for your child like a parent. This is 100% a parent's job. I hope to do everything I can to help you and your child get the support you need in order to achieve your child's short term goals and long term goals. 


Dr. Delgado, EdD offers phone and video consultations. 


Review and Analysis:

As your special education consultant, Dr. Delgado,EdD will review, analyze, and discuss findings of nearly any Special Education related formal documentation, including:

  • IEP

  • Gifted EP

  • BIP

  • FBA

  • Section 504 Plan

  • Student files

  • Assessment reports​

  • Psychoeducational reports



Meeting Support:

Dr. Delgado provides advice and assistance for you to prepare before any Special Education related meetings and consult with you after these meetings.