Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) illustrated cards

Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS) illustrated cards

Product includes:


Download 565 vibrantly colored and beautifully illustrated Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) cards that can be printed at home. Categories include: Activities, actions, alphabet, animals, common terms, home, body parts, clothes, days of the week, descriptive words, emotions, food, health, numbers, objects, people, places, school, signs/ speech, toys, weather.

These PECS cards were designed to be much larger in size than most PECS cards, as they are a minimum of 2"X2" in size. These cards were designed to have detailed illustrations in order to help individuals to be able to grasp a deeper and more realistic understanding of each word's meaning.


How the PECS cards are structured:


Each card has the word(s) which match the illustration at the top of each card. A black line horizontally drawn across each card to separate the word from the illustration. Through the use of PECS cards, individuals are able to communicate with others and others can communicate with them. These cards help individuals with speech delays/ disorders/ nonverbal to be able to communicate their needs, wants, interests, and preferences to others. PECS cards are commonly utilized in ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) to help communication, grow one's vocabulary, build letter/word - picture recognition, alleviate frustration due to verbal limitations, and more.


Who are these PECS cards for?:


These PECS cards are perfect for individuals who are nonverbal, receive speech therapy, are communicatively delayed, speak English as a second language, have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), along with individuals who have other disabilities. PECS cards are commonly used by: speech-language pathologists, ABA therapists, special education teachers, parents of nonverbal youth, and autism specialists.