Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Photo Flash Card

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) Photo Flash Card

What does this order include? 


Over 220 PECS photo flash cards on 1 Word document orgniazed into 9 categories, which are to be printed at home. Each card is 2"X2" in size, colored real photos, background of each card is empty, and each card provides its matching word. The 9 categories include: Animals, objects, people, places, school, signs, toys & activities, food, clothes.


What are PECS?


The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) strategy is a research-based communcation technique, which was designed to help indiviiduals who have difficulty communicating with others.


Who Uses PECS?


PECS are often used to aid communication and learning for individuals of all ages with varying disabilites and/or medical conditions, including: Autism, ADD, ADHD, Apraxia, stroke patients, individuals with Alzhemier's, brain trauma, dementia, deaf, and others who may be communicativly delayed. PECS are commonly used when providing an individual with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) learning, speech therapy, and language articulation. 


How Do I Use These PECS Photo Flash Cards?


These language photo cards can be used in one of two ways:


1) These cards can be printed, cut out, and used as flash cards, OR


2) These language cards can be printed out as a Word document. Do not cut out the photos, but rather keep the photos on the Word document so that each card can remain in its appropraite category.


Why Choose Special Ed Advice USA's PECS Photo Flash Cards?


1) Categories: All of our photo flash cards are organized into 9 categories into one Word document to ensure orgniazation, clarity, and ease. We offer over 220 photo flash cards in this order all of which are 2" X 2" in size. This product provides a digital copy of a Word document, which is easy to print at home and offered at a much more competative price in comparision to PECS which are physically sent to your home. These cateogires include the following: 


- Animals: 34 photo flash cards

- Objects: 38 photo flash cards

- People: 9 photo flash cards

- Places: 16 photo flash cards

- School: 25 photo flash cards

- Sign: 12 photo flash cards

- Toys & Activities: 26 photo flash cards

- Food: 46 photo flash cards

- Clothes: 12 photo flash cards


2) Picture-Word Recogniation: Our PECS photo flash card provides high-quality imagery along with its corresponding word at the top of each card. This help students biuld upon their picture-word recognition. 


3) White Background: All backgrounds are white or solid colored so that students can focus and learn the exact meaning of the word on each card without being distracted. All images are  boldly colored. This helps provide clear communication and understanding of each word.


4) Real Life Photos Only: These PECS photo flashcards only display real life photos. None of these PECS are illustrated. These PECS photo flash cards provide students with a more realistic representation and understanding of each card. 


5) Educational Tool: These PECS photo flashcards are great visual tools to teach receptive and expressive language, labeling, sorting, matching to items around the home, school, and within the community. PECS photo flashcards provide individuals with autism to communicate quickly and in a way that they can independently initiate converstation. PECS photo flashcards can assist individuals who experienced the following: Autism, ADD, ADHD, deaf, stroke, Alzheimers, dementia, brain trauma, and others who are verbally delayed.


6) Stroke Patients: Individuals who have expereinced a stroke can point to what are their needs and wants while using PECS photo flashcards. PECS photo flashcards can help rehabilitate memory, language, cognative, intellectual, and/or speech challenges. PECS photo flashcards can assist individuals who experienced the following: stroke, Alzheimers, dementia, brain trauma, autism, ADD, ADHD, deaf, and others who are verbally delayed. 


  • File Format

    All photos are provided in a .jpg format.